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Elm Street Design is a palm beach web design firm dedicated to the reflection of our customers reputation in their respective business worlds on the virtual one.

What does this mean? Simply that we want to make sure that the good name you have worked so hard to acquire is amply shown on the internet. We do this in a variety of ways, from social media to Real Simple Syndication of Web Logs across the internet about your particular specialty within your field. From the blogs of tomorrow we strive to bring you customers and actual, organic links based upon real websites and customers. There are plenty of ways to achieve good search engine results, but they all aren’t ethical, nor are they lasting. What would you rather have? A TRUE organic #5 ranking on google, or a #1 rating for two weeks?

Anyone with half a brain and a lot of time online can post huge rewards, but that isn't what business is about. What Elm Street Design does for you is create a social networking bubble around you and your site. If you have a website already, then we optimize it for the search engines, if you don't have a website, we create one with a Content Management System that you are comfortable with, while we optimize it for the search engines.

Getting 1,000,000 followers on Twitter is an amazing feat, I wouldn't want to try doing that. Ever. I will tell you though that Elm Street Design is about results. What would you rather have? 1,000 people visiting your website and passing through like, well, they are surfing the web? OR would you rather have 10 people actively searching for your topic, then finding your page built to please them on the first page of King Google?

OF COURSE you want the 10 captive visitors, those are the ones that CLICK on your shopping carts and affiliate links.

Check out www.elmstreetdesign.net , contact us @ support@elmstreetdesign.net and lets talk about your website and it future ability to get you customers and make you money.


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