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3DX YARRA on Indiegogo

Client: 3DX YARRA

The 7th crowdfunding design success for our clients, which reached it's goal in the 1st day. The combined crowd funding for 3DX Yarra reached 2000% of it's goals.

YARRA 3DX is the world's first 3D audio reproduction system that delivers the same immersive entertainment experience as multiple speaker home theaters and 3D audio headphones. This small "smart" sound bar makes you believe you're sitting in a high-end theater by delivering discrete left and right "beams" of binaural 3D audio to up to three individual locations. The result is an immersive listening experience that has to be heard to be believed!

The industrial design of the YARRA 3DX system was developed over many months after extensive research and market surveys. Tandem Product Design — a Santa Monica-based design firm with years of experience with sound bars — provided the YARRA 3DX team dozens of potential designs, revised countless details, and produced working prototypes in both black and silver. The result is a small, elegant sound bar that fits easily under a computer monitor or beneath a large television monitor.

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