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Client: GaitTronics


SoloWalk is the latest generation of effortless mobility patient care from the team at GaitTronics. Building off of the momentum of the first and second generation product, refinements in mechanics, usability and design played the biggest roles during development.

With SoloWalk our team wanted a design that stands as a statement in the medical world while still maintaining the fit, feel and function of the environment. A highly refined form allows for a sleek, visually shrinking design. High precision CNC’d components allow for precise fit and finish making cleaning less of a chore.

The SoloWalk aims to solves issues found in hospitals and clinics around the world including:
Improve Workflow
With SoloWalk a typical 2-person assist patient becomes a 1-person assist. A single caregiver can easily get a patient out of bed and mobilized in complete security. This makes it much easier to provide mobility therapy with minimal impact on workflows.
Length-of-Stay Savings
SoloWalk helps a greater proportion of patients mobilize and at a earlier time. This results in significant length-of-stay savings reducing care costs.
Prevent Injuries

Patient handling tasks such as mobilizing patients are often a risk for patients and caregivers. With SoloWalk’s fall protection system, injury risks are significantly reduced for both patient and staff. You can mobilize patients without increasing the risk of falls.

Working with the GaitTronics team we helped to develop a new and unique design for the patient lift. One which draws its inspiration from architecture, specifically focusing on the forms found in span bridge design. The correlation between bridge architecture and the SoloWalk device came together to form a design whose forms are based on the idea of support and structure. Ergonomics and patient comfort played a major role in the design as well. Adjustability is a key feature and being able to maintain patient comfort during use or during a fall b


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