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Dadi Founding Node

Client: DADI

DADI, which stands for Decentralised Architecture for a Democratic Internet, is a peer-to-peer network owned by the people, shifting the balance of computational power away from large corporations. The Founding Node is a limited-edition item, the first in a series of products that will host the DADI network – offering users to the ability to sell processing power and cloud storage capacity to the peer-to-peer network.

This product acts as a ‘sandbox’ (pre-beta) version of the DADI node, due to this, inspiration has been drawn from laboratory equipment, aiming to provide an ‘under-the-bonnet’ experience. To achieve this, we suspended the tech from a silicone bung within borosilicate glass, the glass used in laboratories. This aesthetic also reaffirms the limited-edition nature - creating a trophy-like object that celebrates the technology.

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