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Cutting Edge Engineering - Transformative Design - Pathbreaking Research

Radeus Technology Solutions is a Product Engineering company based in Pune, India. Working across a variety of industry verticals such as Consumer Durables, Transportation and FMCG, Radeus is a one-stop-shop for all product development needs. Catering to clients of all sizes from SMEs to MNCs, we offer the following services:

Engineering Services and Mold Development
Our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to deliver the following world-class engineering services:

I. Engineering Research and Design - Product Design & Detailing, Function Development, Integrated CAD Services, Prototype Development
II. CAE-Engineering Design Validations - Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Mold Flow Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics
III. Manufacturing Support - Mold Design & Development, Equipment and Fixture Design, LCM Support
IV. Value-Added Services - Value Engineering, Design Review & Optimization, Green Engineering

Design Innovation
Creative, innovative design solutions that are rigorously reviewed and evaluated from market research, design research and engineering stand-points. The Design Innovation Lab of Radeus delivers concepts that are always 100% manufacturable and marketable.

Research & Consulting
I. Market Landscaping - Market Sizing, Opportunity Analysis, Corporate Image Studies, Forecasting Studies
II. Paradigm Studies - Need-Demand Evolution Studies, Behavior Predictive Studies
III. Syndicated Reports
IV. Consumer Studies - Segmentation and Profiling Studies, User and Attitude Studies, Monetary Facet and Channel Perception Research
V. Brand Research - Brand Perception Studies, Positioning&Naming Tests, Brand Evaluation
VI. Design Research - Aspiration&Value Mapping, Product Environment Studies, Product-Interaction Studies, Product-Competition Evaluations, Concept Testing
VII. Panel Studies
VIII. Retail and Channel Research
IX. Efficacy Measurement




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Radeus Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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Main Office

501, City Point Apartments
Boat Club Road
Pune, Maharashtra 411001


Anna-Leena Vasamo
phone: +91 8600 100 856
fax: +91 20 3042 1515
Website: www.radeustech.com marketing@radeustech.com

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