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Beverage Industry Branding + Packaging

Client: Oskie

These liquor label concept projects include refreshed logos, colors, tags and packaging design. They provided a fun and challenging opportunity to revitalize traditional American brands while maintaining an emphasis on their southern roots.

In this example of our beverage packaging work, we took the Rebel Yell brand overhaul utilizes a darker color palette, creating a sense of sophistication, while the subtle worn textures create a durable, handcrafted feel. The typeface captures the energy of the brand without sacrificing quality, and overall these design attributes work together to catch someone’s eye on the shelf and create intrigue, which is what all good design should do. The Oskie logo and bottle design concept are classy, fun and energetic.

Successful branding and packaging calls for just the right tough of contrast, a dominant focal point and subtle details to give the viewer a good sense of the brand personality and the taste they can expect. The possibilities for these kind of brands to make an impact are endless.


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