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Santuary Cycling Saddle


ALTR ERGO, a Greensboro-based maker of products for cycling competitors and enthusiasts led by cycling entrepreneur Will Holt, has joined Trig in earning a bronze award for its Sanctuary Saddle.

The Sanctuary is the result of a multi-faceted engagement between the two companies, with Trig providing ALTR Ergo with a range of innovation services, including customer research, ergonomic testing, and work with textiles engineering students at North Carolina State University to develop new materials to optimize the Sanctuary Saddle. In addition, Trig provided full industrial design and mechanical design for Sanctuary, as well as the development of multiple marketing assets, including logos, packaging, website, promotional materials, and naming of products and proprietary components.

The ALTR ERGO project resulted in the development of two proprietary technologies for the company, the ALTRFIT system for customizing saddle width, as well as VIBEABIDE, a state-of-the-art solution for vibration dampening over long riding distances.

Team Members

Patrick Murphy, Connie Tran


IDSA IDEA Bronze 2016


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