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We develop products that fit their user, literally.

We strive to be part in the creation of a new world, a world in which products are made for people again. Products that are made to fit individual needs and unique body-geometry. We use innovative design methods and state of the art manufacturing techniques; such as 3d-printing and 3d-scanning. With the combination of these techniques it is possible to bring tailor made products with unique performance and perfect fit.

Products like the exo-l ankle-brace that protects your ankles but allows you complete freedom of movement, so you can do all the things you love. Perfect fitting glasses and jewellery with added personal and emotional value.

We work for giants in the industry such as Specialized and IBM but we also work for innovative startups such as EXO-L and Roger Bacon eyewear. We love big and complex projects but are happy to help you develop your first feasible prototype.


  • GDO B.V.
  • KPN
  • IBM
  • EXO-L
  • 3D Worknet
  • NS
  • Zodiac aerospace
  • Specialized
  • Feadship
  • Rijksoverheid



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Frank & Frens


  • Industrial Design
  • Research
  • Interaction Design

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Mijnbouwstraat 120
Delft, Zuid-Holland 2628RX


Frank Schoenmaker
phone: 015-2627261
Website: Frank & Frens

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