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Our company is, at it's heart, a husband-and-wife-run design and manufacturing team, with a core group of close partners that we pick and choose from to create the right team for each project we work on should it need additional skill sets such as mechanical or electrical engineering. We are specifically focused on helping crowdfunders and small start ups get their product to market on time and on budget (hopefully under budget!). With over 50 years of combined experience and a global team, we are where you need us to be...your headquarters or at the factory, sometimes both.

Working with considered products, packaging and ideas, which disrupt, upend and push their category forward, we facilitate bringing a product to market. From one-off designs to an entire product line, we are your partners from beginning to end.

We focus on helping companies bring a product to life, being as hands on or hands off as you want or need us to be, offering services from design conception, design for manufacturing, creation of 3D renderings and manufacturable files, prototyping, factory sourcing and all the way through to first run of manufacturing.

Specialized in design for manufacturing, any design we provide can be effectively and seamlessly produced once you move into large runs of production, and also in a cost effective way which is of course important! Other design firms may provide a beautiful design, but once you are handed off to the manufacturing stage, the design simply may not be practical or suitable for anything outside of 3D printing.

We strive to find what others may not have thought about and having spent many years working in the industry both in the design room and directly on the factory floor, we know very well what works and what doesn't in the most practical way.

We get you because we are you...artists, makers, designers, thinkers, doers and creators…


  • The Brassy's Finalists Square 2016
  • Women In Business Challenge WBRC 2017
  • The Big Idea Finalist Idea Village 2017
  • Chaffe Entrepreneur Challenge Award Chaffe McCall 2017



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  • Industrial Design
  • Design Management
  • Packaging

Typical Project Budget

$10,000 - $25,000

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1711 Second Street, Unit 4
New Orleans, LA 70113
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Anna Finch
phone: 213-448-6144
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21 Forester Avenue
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United Kingdom


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