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Sundberg-Ferar, a product design firm, helps the world's leading durable product companies to turn consumer insights into market winning products. We have clients in a broad range of categories including consumer products, automotive, housewares, transportation, electronics and medical products. We are distinguished by our deep understanding of the "emotional" aspects of a product's purchase decision. We don't make your products, we make your products cool!

Most companies set out to design a product that everyone loves; what they end up with is a product that no one hates. At Sundberg-Ferar we call these products "porridge"...warm, mushy and bland.

We believe that the very best products have an emotional appeal and that their purchase decision is based, in part, on emotion. In the early stages of product development however, this emotional response can manifest itself in the form of polarizing market research results; results that often scare companies away from the best designs.

Sundberg-Ferar understands how to leverage the power of emotion in a purchase decision. We understand how to make logical business arguments for seemingly polarizing designs. We understand that there is no more room for porridge!


  • National Kitchen And Bath Association
  • Industrial Design Society of America
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Ames True Temper, Casabella, Carrier, Chrysler, ClubCar, Coca-Cola, Delta Faucet, Ditch Witch, Electrolux, General Mills, Johnson Controls, Liberty Hardware, Masco Corporation, Medtronic, Procter & Gamble, Shurtech, Stryker, Visteon Automotive, Yazaki
  • Apex Tool Group



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21 - 50

Sundberg-Ferar | Product Innovation Studio


  • Industrial Design
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Engineering

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Curt Bailey
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