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AVer CC30 HD Lecture Camera

Client: AVer Information

Enhanced Learning Experience

Designed to enhance students’ learning experience, the multifunctional AVer CC30 HD Lecture Camera is equipped with great mobility and a very wide angle of view to easily engage everyone in the classroom or auditorium during on-line education.

Due to its high speed image processing specs, the product requires enough inner space in order to place components and for better ventilation, but at the same time it should be less bulky for better portability. After simulating various user scenarios, CRE8’s designers created an edgeless, pyramid-like shape taking into consideration not only the size, but also a less intimidating form factor.

Without complicated steps, the installation is supported by a simple USB plug-in; the separate wireless microphone has a working range of up to 10 meters, adding flexibility to the interaction between teachers and students, as well as encouraging class participation.

The AVer CC30 HD Lecture Camera successfully brings education to a smarter and more versatile level by leveraging the power of technology and design innovation.


Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan Taiwan Excellence Award 2016


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