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DesignWell | Test Your Knowledge of Design

As a designer, you spend a lot of time thinking about design—beautiful furniture, iconic typefaces, influential movements. You learn to recognize individual pieces and the mark of design masters. You do it to improve your own work, but you also because you love of it. But what if you could do it for glory?

If you search the app store, you’ll find countless trivia games ranging from general knowledge to specific fascinations. Surprisingly, there are very few games out there for designers. There are games to identify type and popular logos that test your memory but not your knowledge. So, we did what any good designer would do, we made one.

We made DesignWell to be the design trivia game we wanted to play. We chose topics we knew well and ones we wanted to learn more about. We asked our friends and colleagues what they were interested in. Then we started working on the interface knowing it had to be simple and elegant so it would fade away and let the featured designs shine.

We ran a number of play tests to gain feedback about the app’s content, interface, and overall look and feel. We built a landing page to spread the word and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest and positive feedback we received. After all that, DesignWell is now available for download in the App Store. We had a lot fun making it, and we hope you’ll have even more playing it!


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